Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Seventy

Elders we enjoyed dinner with Monday night.

                                        Our home teaching gal with her mother, baby, and nieces.
Elder and Sister Brown letting me check out my new camera on them.  My old one died, so. . .
                                         Brad wasn't so cooperative in having his picture taken.
                                                                Dinner that night.
The following are pictures taken from the Flower Festival Parade in Baguio.  They have several parades, but this one was marchers and drums and bands--mostly xylophones!  Anyway, it was interesting.
Some of the native costumes left the boys freezing!  The girls were pretty well covered, but. . .

Beautifully decorated xylophones.

This is just to give you an idea of the crowd--for a couple of miles, probably.

Sister Brown and me at Mine's View.

These are some of the flowers for sale at Mine's View.

                                        A family wanted their picture taken with us missionaries.
                                          The Dango boys with some of their dad's woodcarvings.
This is a huge cement eagle near Agoo.  We had to stop and take a picture because Sister Brown collects eagles.  We don't think she'll be able to take this one in her suitcase, though.
We think this is one of the houses that our branch members live in, but it might just be their wash house.  We aren't sure.
Anyway, that does it for this week.  We hope you are happy and have a great week.  We are praying for you and hope things go well.  We love you.  The gospel is true.  Take care and God bless.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Sixty-Nine

This sweet sister is so excited to be baptized this Saturday.  She has had a hard life, but the gospel will help her in the future.

Elders showing off their new bikes.  Some of them are complaining now that they're a lot of work to pedal!  But they were sure excited to get them when we brought them.

Valentine's Day at the beach.

Bread making in Agoo 3.  The sisters enjoyed making tortillas, scones, and no-bake cookies.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week Sixty-Eight

Here is picture of strawberries in the Baguio market.  They are wonderful, and so nicely stacked!

We went to the Botanical Gardens for my birthday.

                        Entrance to the Botanical Gardens with natives in costumes.
 Arbor topped pathway in gardens.
 The flowers were hanging down.  I'm wondering if they're orchids.  Anyway, they are beautiful!

                                                                    Fun picture!
 There are some nice views in the gardens.  The one below is just jungle, but it was pretty also.

 They had a Japanese section with this bridge and the caves behind it.  The Japanese gave it as a gesture of peace.  Filipinos don't care much for Japan since the WWII invasion.
                                 My Great Thinker's pose.  Isn't he handsome!
Exploring some of the caves in the hill.

                                    Birthday dinner at Mario's in Baguio.
                Just a wall in Baguio across from the Elder's apartment.  It is so beautiful there.
                      Cute, strong Sister missionaries who live near us.  They're adorable!
 We visited this less active family with the missionaries.  They planted the tree behind them a year ago.  Look how much it's grown in one year!

 The brother and his wife make hook lines for fishing.  There are 800 lines on that board, and he does about 5 a day.  He spends a lot of time on his knees!!
                                         We had a heart-attack at our house.  Even the garbage got it!
                           I must admit it looks better without the decorated garbage sacks!
 The Sisters brought white roses for my birthday and a balloon, and they sang a special song for me.  So sweet!
 A roadside stand where I stopped for mangoes.  It's that yummy time of year.  They're 70 pesos a kilo (2.2 pounds).  That's about $1.75 for a kilo.  And Brad doesn't like them!  Go figure!!!
 Baptizer and Baptizees at the church--a mom and her two children.  The font was being repaired, so they had to do the baptism in the ocean.  Actually, it's the South China Sea.  It was pretty windy, but very memorable.
                                             Branch members on the shore by the sea.
                                         Mom, son, and daughter.
With the Missionary Sisters



Some of the Agoo 2 branch members today at Church with the Elders and Me.

This about sums up our week.  We hope you enjoyed, and that you have a safe and happy week.  See you next time!