Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week Forty-nine

This past week has been more of the same.  You're probably tired of hearing about our little travels and adventures, but that's our life, so we'll just share.

 My rice field shot.  It's all tasseled out now and will be ready to harvest soon.  This is in Candon across from the Sister's apartment.

 Monday I went into the downstairs shower, turned on the water, then happened to glance up to the corner near the shower head.  This friendly creature was staking out his claim right there.  I called for Brad to come and take care of him, so he did.  That's a great way to start out the week!

 All taken care of.  Sorry, PETA.  Insects have no rights in my house!
 We took beds and fans to some of the sisters.  They went right to work and assembled a fan like they were old hands at it.

                                                  Yea for handy Elders!

An electric pole fell down near Bangued.  Buses and trucks were lined up for a long ways because the clearance for the wires was about 6'.  Things like that make for great adventures for driving here.
 We attended a Family Fun Celebration in Bangued this weekend.  They had various sports competitions throughout the day.  Then towards the end, ladies, young women, and Primary children all performed for the program.

 Even though these 3 branches are few in number, they are large in spirit and enthusiasm, and there was a great turnout at their activity.
 Our cute neighbor missionaries. . .

They are amazing!  We stopped to drop by something for them.  Can't remember what, but I had to bring treats also.

 More amazing missionaries.  These sisters just got moved into their apartment.  They will be joined soon by two more sisters.

 Our Sisters in the blue house.  We stopped by to give them something for their apartment.  Such great missionaries!

 Thanks for looking at our blog.  If you're wondering why we're putting more pictures of missionaries in our blog, we've gotten word that some of the missionary moms are looking at our blog to see pictures of their missionaries.  If I know you're looking, I'll try to include your son or daughter for sure.  Anyway, hope you have a great week!    We're sure we will here!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week Forty-eight--11 Months

Today marks 11 months on our mission.  Where has the time gone?  Well, we'll share this last week with you.

Monday we took the Fullmers and traveled back to Urdaneta to have FHE with the Urdaneta Mission couples.  We met two new couples who arrived there after we left.  It was wonderful to visit with our old friends and meet the new couples.  We needed that socialization so much!

On the way to Bangued--beautiful clouds, a field of rice, and a nipa hut.  The Philippines is a very beautiful place.

 One of the things we did last week was help get three apartments ready for Sisters.  This apartment is right near us, but the Zone Leaders and Elders did all the work.  Aren't they amazing!

Another day we checked out apartments in an area of the mission, then stopped by an apartment to assess their bed situation.  We'll be putting two more sisters in their apartment next transfer, so we got to bring them surprise cookies while we did our checking.

 More Zone Leaders having us check out a potential apartment for sisters.  This was a pretty nice place, so we'll have to see if it will work.
                     Same apartment with Elder Dinkel and missionaries by the landlady's house.

 The highlight of the week was when we stopped with the Zone Leaders and attended a baptism in Agoo, but I didn't get pictures of that.  So the next best highlight was when we had Sevilla Sisters to our house for dinner tonight.  They are amazing girls.  Three of them have only been out for 10 days (the American girls) and they were roommates at the MTC and now two are sharing an apartment and the third one is also assigned to their same ward.  They are so much fun!

They're doing well, Moms.  Thanks for sending us your daughters.  We love each one.  Thanks for looking at our blog, and have a great week.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week Forty-seven

This week was transfer week.  We had 27 new missionaries come and 6 go home.  We were able to find all of them apartments in time--except for two sisters who will be in their apartment next week.  Most were done by the skin of our teeth--like on the next to the last day, but they were done.  Wish us luck for next transfer when 31 missionaries should be arriving with only 2 going home!

Monday (P Day) we enjoyed dinner in an outdoor restaurant by the sea.  But Elder Dinkel said he'd had enough of me taking his picture, so this is his great pose.  So cute!
 These fishermen were out in a boat checking their nets.   Two men worked in the water while two were in the boat.

 I kept taking picture of the clouds as the sun set.  Just couldn't help it.  They were so beautiful

 Tuesday we followed a jeepney loaded with furnishings to some of the apartments we were trying to get ready for missionaries.  There was an accident, and we made a detour through a pretty narrow road to bypass the closed highway.

 My favorite spot for taking rice pictures.  See how much it's grown?  I'll have to publish the first pictures again sometime so you can see the difference.
 Elders helping us get the Sister's apartment ready for them.  Isn't this a beautiful apartment?  We were pleased with it.

                                                                       Awesome Elders!
 And awesome Sisters!  These two got the "blue" apartment.  Then, two days later one of the Sisters was transferred to Candon where she gets to live in the apartment that's featured just before this one.

                                                                                      Sweet Sisters.
                                                                                   Busy Elders.
 The Sisters said every morning their house has tons of little frogs in it.  These are about 1/2" long--not cute, in my opinion.  But Sister Miller said they don't bother her.  She's all right with that.
                                                                     Zone Leaders and Sisters.
 New Sisters arriving Wednesday for their great missionary experience.  Sister Balledos and Sister Fullmer and I were there to greet them.
                                                                   Our new Sisters from the States.
 This is the September 2013 Batch.  Wonderful new missionaries for the Philippines Baguio Mission.
 I took a picture with just the Sisters because some of them might be in my ward, and I can invite them to dinner sometimes.  It turns out they're ALL going to be in our area.  So yea!!!  I get more "daughters"!
 But we won't forget the new Elders, either.  The good thing about our job is we get to see all of the missionaries throughout the whole mission as we do apartment checks and repairs, and I get to give all of them cookies.  When we go to a meeting, I have Elders ask for cookies, or brownies, or one even told me he just loves cinnamon rolls!  Wonder what I'll be bringing that zone next?  Hmmmm....
 Friday was transfer day, with the new missionaries being assigned to their new areas, and some old missionaries being changed to different areas.  It's always a fun, exciting time to be part of this.

                                                                   To LaTrinidad in Baguio with Elder Davis!
                                                          To Baguio with Elder Kemmie.
                                    Saturday we made tortillas, scones, and cookies in Bangued.
 There was a couple of huge popping sounds from the stove, and I thought maybe it had an electrical short.  Turns out it was the table it was sitting on getting too hot and starting to bubble.  Not a good idea to put the stove on a wooden table like that.  Sorry. . .

 The cute RS President is the one in blue in the middle.  She returned from her mission in March, got married in May, and is now the RS President, Seminary teacher, and pregnant!  Wonderful, talented lady!
 Sunday we took a 30 minute drive in the country past Bangued to visit the LaPaz Branch.  On the way we saw these clothes on a rock wall drying in the sun.
 Scenery on the way to LaPaz.  We enjoyed visiting there and were made to feel welcome.

We love our mission and the people of the Philippines.  It's nice to be able to do something to further to Lord's work in this part of His kingdom.  We hope you have a great week, and we know He is looking after you while we can't.  Take care and God bless.