Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Farewell

Our farewell was Oct. 14 in Genola.  We had many friends and lots of family come to wish us well.  We went to the Genola Park afterwards for lunch.  Some pictures of loved ones are as follows:

                                                       Caitlin, Jenny Dinkel, and Nan.

Teresa, Alan, Marilyn
Marilyn, Me, Vicki, Teresa
Awesome Grandkids
Me, Laylene, Heather
Jeff, Mom, Brad, Me, Clark, Bob
Angela, Me, Craig
Ken, Erin, Luke, Stephanie, Angi, Jason, Bryan, Trudy, Brad
Craig, Me, Chelsea, Aaron, Halle, Avery

The Missionary Couple
Mom, Jeff, Kris, Maxene, Scott, Sean, Sam, Me, Brad

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  1. See what a beautiful family you have. We will miss you!!