Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week Thirty-Three

Monday we met the Fullmers at Lingayen Bay.  The Fullmers are the other couple that will be in Baguio Mission with us.  They are being trained as the office couple.   Lingayen Bay is where General MacArthur invaded the Philippines during World War II to drive the Japanese out of these islands.  This is the War Memorial in the Bay to remember that invasion.

                                                    This is the Lingayen Beach and Bay.

 This is the Fullmers from Logan.  They will be the office couple in the new mission.  They are the only couple going with us to serve in that mission.

 Our eleventh anniversary was Tuesday.  Brad brought me two dozen red roses, then we went to dinner in Urdaneta.  I had steak, rice, and veggies and Brad had barbequed pork, rice, and veggies and our bill came to under $8 US.  Let's don't talk about the 8 cow wife, okay?

 Wednesday we checked out an apartment for sisters in our new area.  These were some of the churches and towers we saw on the way.  This area was in the northern part of our mission--very quaint and Spanish style buildings.

Evening sky as we came out of a district conference meeting Saturday night.  They have beautiful sunsets here at night.

Sorry I was short on pictures.  My camera batteries died this week, so I missed a few pictures.  But we are busy and happy.  Take care.  See you next week.

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