Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week Fifty-five

This week was a typical one for us, but for many parts of the Philippines it was tragic.  I can't believe the devastation that the typhoon caused.  We only had a little sprinkle and no wind at all.  But others were not so fortunate.  Twenty of our missionaries have families who lived in the typhoon's path.  We are still waiting to see how they fared.  Our prayers and hearts go out to those thousands who have losses.  We hope Heavenly Father will comfort them at this terrible time in their lives.

We will share the happenings of our week with you now.
                          San Fernando Zone at District Meeting.  Such great missionaries!
 On our way to check out an apartment in one of the new areas.  Notice the rice terraces in the background, and the harvested rice in the foreground.

 Zone leaders of the Bacnotan zone.  We are worried about the Elder on the left's grandparents who raised him.  They were directly in the path of the storm, and he said their house was really poorly built.  We haven't heard how they fared.
             This is the house we might have missionaries in.  It's a nice house, so we are excited.

 These sisters were having so much fun make food with their little dishes.  The Filipinos are so excited for any little gift or toy.

 Before I did my bread demo, a sister was showing how to make vegetable and fruit decorations.  They are so cool!  She was an artist!

        One of our missionaries got to stir the cookies.  We only had one burner that worked, and it barely worked, so it took quite a while to do all the cooking of tortillas and scones.

Taco picture.  Yum!
 This was after branch conference in Damortis.  They had potluck dinner and served adobos, rice, vegetables, dried fish, and many different desserts--most made of rice.  Everything was yummy, but the dried fish.  Damortis (da-more-fish) is known for its dried fish.  Kind of a smelly place, but you get used to it.  Anyway, it was a fun time.

Adobo, rice, green beans with a sour vegetable, lumpia shanghai, pluto (cakes), rice cakes, and sponge cake.  You can barely see the little dried fish by the lumpia (brown rolls).

                                       An Elder enjoying his food.

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