Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scenes, Visits, and Activities

Toy trike outside kids' school--loaded with toys they can buy for a few pesos.
Man tilling rice paddy, getting it ready to plant.  Makes irrigating seem tame!
Washing hanging out to dry on the path to sister's home where we visited.  Washing is hanging  everywhere here--no dryers!
Faithful sisters beside older sister's house.  She had lovely flowers growing everywhere in pots.  Sister on left is Maribel--Relief Society President, Gospel Doctrine teacher, 2nd Counselor in District Young Women's, mother of 4, and corn farmer. . .and doing missionary work and still smiling!  Other sister is her Relief Society counselor and friend.  Maribel calls her Mother.
Sweet sister picking a guava off her tree for us.
Rice paddy behind sister's house.
It's so wet that even a chicken walked in the water.  Brad says that's unbelievable! Maybe she thinks she's a duck.

Neighbor children seeing what's going on.  Notice the path back to Mother's house.  No cars allowed, obviously!
Visiting less active sister with neighbor children.  The one on the left is a girl!
Elder Dinkel near cacao tree, the origin of cocoa.

Mapandan Branch teenagers and primary performing at Christmas party.  They really had fun!


  1. The children are adorable! Alan wants to know if the RS President has been on a mission? Love you!

  2. Yes she has been on a mission. The branches may only have 80 or 90 members, but 5 or 6 missionaries from their branch in the field. They are very dedicated to missionary work. Brad says the kids are really cute, but not nearly as cute as his grandkids!