Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

Lady of Manaoag Church at Christmas time.  This is about 2 blocks from our house.

Teaching an investigator.  We went with the sister missionaries to teach this lady.  She was napping on her bamboo bed when we came.    She had a Jehovah Witness Bible and a Book of Mormon and a Rosary around her neck.  She was really nice.
After teaching the investigator, we walked over to Maribel (the RS Pres.) 's corn field.  This is the bamboo bed where they spend most of their nights, either watering corn or making sure no one steals their water pump.

Sister missionaries and sisters of the ward doing missionary work and visiting Maribel.  They use umbrellas here for shade against the hot, hot sun--not just for rain like we do.

Brad had to have a picture of a hen and her chicks we saw on the path.  It reminds him of the scripture where Christ said how often He would have gathered us in as a hen gathers her chicks. . .

Christmas party at the mission.  Notice the wonderful decorations.  Christmas time for sure!
Typical traffic in Dagupan.  Actually, it had cleared out a lot by the time I got my camera out.
Markets on the side of the road.
Taking the Zone Leaders and two elders to check out an apartment.  Somehow they crowded into our back seat for a 30 minute ride.  They're all wonderful!

Another traffice jam-- this time it was goats and their herder on one of the streets we travel.

Baptism of Milka.  She is the girl I sang Primary songs with while we were waiting for the keys to the church one day.  Her brother is the one who is baptising her, and the rest of her family are not members.

This is a ripe papaya our landlord brought us from the back yard.  It was really good!  I made jam out of part of it because I couldn't eat it all.
Filipino's favorite dessert--custard with corn and cheese.  My least favorite dessert!  Yum or yuck!

What a great tree next to the church for kids to play on!

Girls dancing at the branch Christmas party.  The little boy was so cute.  He was shaking his bootie, too!

                                 Elders and Sisters performing for another Christmas party.
Adults watching. . .

Teens getting in the game act.  They know some really fun games.  Let me know if you want to learn them.

On the way to Baguio for Christmas holiday.  The mountains in the distance are our destination.

Oops--this jeepney didn't make it.  We came upon this just seconds after it happened.  There were still people in the back.  The first one out was an 80 year old lady, crying and shook up, but thankfully no one was hurt.

More scenery.

Lion's head where we stopped for a picture.

Inside the sweet shoppe at the hotel

Views in Baguio from our hotel.

Hotel ground statues.

Back of the hotel.

Overlooking Mine's View in Baguio.

These are all the couples in the mission enjoying the coolness of Baguio for the holiday.
Elder Dinkel shooting the breeze with Elder Stamps.

Elder Dinkel enjoying the Filipino version of Whopper--3/4 lb. of beef.  But he said he'd take a Whopper any day!

More Baguio--dining.  We didn't lack for food, that's for sure!

On the way back from Baguio with produce grown there.  Notice the two workers riding on the top of the load, and sleeping!

We had the sisters come over for Christmas Party and they taught us a great game where if you got the answer wrong, you got flour on your face.  Elder wiped his off before the picture.

Sister Rojas didn't!  She goes home in two weeks.  She's a great missionary.

                                  Another party for adults in the district.  They love parties!
So does this baby! 

Sister Rojas again for a final picture.  It's been another great week.  We're excited to see what adventures await us this week.  Hope you have a great New Year!  Happy 2013, Everyone!



  1. Great photos! It's so fun to see how you are living and all the people who are becoming so special to you. Where is Sister Rojas from?
    You both look great!

  2. She is from another of the islands in the Philippines. 80% of the missionaries here are Filipino. There is one mission where they will only let Filipino missionaries go there because it is too dangerous for others. Scary!