Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Week in the Country

Gathering rice from the roadside after it dries.  Notice the man with the sun protection.

Visiting with Sis. Lady and Anthony out in the boonies.  Brad liked the farm pictures, so here they are!  Rice, corn, and bananas are the crops growing here.

Our first less active wasn't home, but this is a typical home and surroundings.
Our next less actives weren't too excited to see us, but their parents (below)  are active and enthusiastic.  They have a beautiful house and are hoping their children will want to become active someday.  We are hoping these parents will be sealed in the temple soon.

We were looking for apartments and found this apartment we liked. Everything was cleared out except the sign saying Audrey. We teased the Elders and said they wanted this apartment because it had Audrey in it. When they removed the sign, this gecko was behind the picture, so we named it Audrey. Fun! (Or maybe you had to be there to appreciate the humor.)

This is Anthony, Sis. Lady's son who was burned, but is better now.  He's guapo!  (handsome)
Another scone class, this one at San Jacinto.  My keyboard students are Rose (right front), Malou (third left) and Lady (fourth left).  I love these sisters! 

Relief Society sisters in Mapandan after an activity.  They are eating ice cream sandwiches with purple ube (root) ice cream in a hamburger bun.  Yum! Well, not really!  I think you have to be Filipino to appreciate these treats!

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