Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Slow Week?

We kind of had a slow week, and I didn't take a lot of pictures.  But here are some of the things we did.
We spent one afternoon visiting with Dola. 
Here is Dola walking down the path to a member's house.

This member entertained us in his outside nipa hut.  It was a really hot day, and a breeze came through the side of the shady hut.  It was a great place to be on a hot afternoon.  This brother spoke very good English, as he had been a houseboy for Americans at Clark Air Base for many years.  We really enjoyed our visit with him.  He is the only member of the church in his family.

This was another family we visited.  The lady on the far left and the young people are not members, but the one on the right is.

We stopped by the hospital to visit this sister who was there with her young son who had been in the hospital for four days with a bad case of asthma.  He had gone into convulsions one night, so she brought him to the hospital.  Her husband had died there last month from diabetis, so it had bad memories for her.   He didn't get medicine because he said they couldn't afford it, so his body deteriorated and he died.  He drank heavily, so that was a factor also.  Notice the open ward in the hospital.  It reminds me of our hospitals in the 1960's.  No privacy.  Sheets were dirty.  It was pretty sad.  Many Filipinos refuse hospital treatment because the hospitals are so bad.  They think if you go there, you might not come home.  In many cases, they are right.

Another day we did apartment checks.  The front lawn of these elder's apartment was covered with corn drying in the sun.  Our "corny Elders" decided to let me take their picture in the corn.  Anything for a little excitement!

I did another bread class for the Mangaldan branch RS.  Only 5 sisters showed up, but we had a good time making scones and no-bake cookies.  They were "masarap".  Delicious!  My favorite word.  One of the sisters said she was going to make cookies to sell in her shop.  She said she could get 15 pesos for each of them, and was so excited. She kept thanking me for showing her how she could make money.   Any way they can earn money, they'll try!
This is the contractor who has been painting and remodeling this apartment for the Elders.  We are having him do another little job in a different apartment where he will replace a door and install 2 new doorknobs and deadbolts.  He asked for 300 pesos to do this, which is about $7.50 for a day's work.

This apartment looks so much better than when we first found it.  I love the paint color.  One of the Filipino elders told me it is the color of my eyes.  Pretty cool, huh!

Our landlord brought over bananas picked from the tree in back.  You cannot believe the flavor these little things have!  They have twice as much flavor as the ones we get in the States.  Anyway, I made banana cream pie from some of them, and it was masarap!
Sorry there aren't many pictures this week.  Elder Dinkel had a cold, and we kind of took it easy and let him rest.  We'll visit again with you next week.  Mabuhay!

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  1. I love the pictures. What a great experience. You are blessing so many there and especailly us back at home. Can't wait to talk with you next Sunday!