Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week Sixteen

We started out this week by going to Baguio on Sunday afternoon and coming back Monday morning.  We spent several days hunting for  apartments.  We had some successes and some failures.  Anyway,  these are some scenes from this past week.
On the way to Baguio. . .

View from our hotel in Baguio.  They offered horseback rides nearby.

One of the beautiful spots near the hotel.
We found a beautiful apartment for the sisters.  We were so excited because it was clean and beautiful.

Gorgeous living room. . .

Two bedrooms with built-in beds that will have to be removed.  They're small and they will have to use bunk-beds, but it can serve four sisters.

One of 2 nice bathrooms-- for the Philippines!

A great view outside the living room window.  The water comes to the house, but it's built high enough that flood water won't come inside.
These stairs might be tricky getting a bunk bed up them.  Oh well, we'll figure it out.

The Sisters were excited for such a nice apartment.

The Zone Leaders were just excited.
 Zone Leaders putting a spell on barking dogs.  The dogs totally stopped their loud, annoying barking and just looked at Elder Shaw with a quizical expression, like "What in the heck is he doing?"

We'll have to always take him with us for animal control duty.
Elder waiting patiently for a landlady to open an apartment for us to check out.  The apartment was good, but the lot in front was the neighborhood garbage dump, so we told the ZL to keep looking.

One area where we're looking for apartments is really wet, and many houses are built on stilts right in the water.  A couple of boys were swimming here in front of their house.  Notice the boy on the roof.  Not sure if he was ready to jump in, or what.
Our branch had a Valentine's Dance on Friday, but I didn't get the message that it was formal attire, so I wasn't dressed for the occasion.  I made scones for the dinner, and everyone said they were, "Masarap!" 

Dola and Pope

Elder and Sister

Maribel and President

Brother and Sister Conception.  She is the one that was at Virgin's Well when the rich lady came and accused her of stealing rice.  They could really dance up a storm!  She wouldn't take her baseball jacket off because she had come in a low-cut dress.  She was so cute!

This couple won the best dressed award.  Her dress was amazing!

These are the men goofing off.  I don't know why, but I didn't get a picture of the ladies.  I'll try to get one from some of the others who had cameras there that night.
This is Iris, and it was her baptism Saturday night.  That was probably the highlight of my week--hearing her testimony.  She was his college teacher, although she is only 21, and he is a member. Actually, he's the branch president in another area.   She took the lessons and decided to join the church.  They are planning to get married after a year when they can be married in the temple.  She bore a powerful testimony of her joy in finding the gospel.  It touched my heart.  I am impressed with their desire to follow the Savior's way and be married in the temple. 

Another girl was also baptized when Iris was.
These are the Sister Missionaries who are serving in Manaoag now.  Sister Lagrimes (center) is the only one of the four sisters who were here when we came, and she was transferred today.  What a sweet sister she is!  We will miss her.  The sister on the right is Sister Edwards from New Zealand and is new.  Sister Montoja will be a great teacher for her, as she is a great missionary.  The district gave me a card and thanked me for baking them cookies and being their mom.  They know how to get to my heart!  A little flattery works every time.
Well,, this was our week in pictures.  We are enjoying the opportunity to serve these people, and we love them so much.  We pray for all of you back home and hope you are doing well.  Have a great week! 

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  1. That apartment actually looks pretty nice, especially for missionaries. Even here in the states. The houses on stilts over the water are pretty interesting, too.