Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Been Five Months!

Greetings, Family and Friends.  It's been five months since we entered the MTC in Provo.  In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways it seems like forever.  Next month will mark 1/3 of our mission.  We've had some wonderful experiences and will share some from this week with you now.

We went visiting with Dola and Pope to some members.  That bridge was quite an adventure!  Notice the huge bunch of bananas in the tree.  That's what they are pointing to.  We also visited a sister who was baptized 4 years ago on that day.  She was so appreciative of our coming and sharing with her the scripture found in 2 Nephi 31: 20-21.  She said it was the reminder she needed to keep pressing forward with hope, and that Eternal Life is the reward.  So cool!

This is a mom and 3 of her 10 kids.  The oldest girl was making supper over the fire--rice with some chopped veggies.  The kids wanted to sing a hymn, and they knew every word of every verse.
We came across this man who was riding a Schwin bike--probably 70 years old, both the bike and the man.   He knew where we lived and had ridden past our place several times.
Our RS President's family and their corn harvest.  They were really disappointed in their crop.  After all those all night sessions to water, and all day sessions to weed, the crop wasn't good and they ended up losing money.  So sad!  They still had smiles for us, though.

We went visiting one day with the missionaries to new members.  They were so gracious and brought a little pastry and Coke for us.  Our missionaries are so cool.  Each one is dedicated and hard working.  It's a privilege to get to associate with them.
Kids are so resourceful.  They are playing a game where they throw their flip-flop at a pop can to see who can knock it over.  We see this game played all over, or they toss rocks at a target.  They have so little, yet they can find joy in the smallest things.  Next time the kids complain, "I'm bored!" tell them to go throw their shoe at something!
This cute little gecko was on our curtain at home.  We really don't mind the little ones--they are supposed to eat bugs.  But I have a hard time with the bigger ones.
Not a lot of pictures this week.  But we had an enjoyable week and hope you're had one, too.  We love you all.  See you next week.

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  1. I love that about the kids. Some kids here have so much and are still never satisfied. How awesome to create your own fun!