Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 19

We started out this week with a Filipino treat--halo halo.  It is shaved ice, frozen rice, beans, corn, jello, ube ice cream, custard, wafers and who knows what else.  Mix it together and enjoy (or not!).  It wasn't bad, but we decided it wasn't really good either.  But Filipinos love it!
This is one of our favorite meals at a fast food restaurant here in town--orange chicken, pancit, fried rice, rice cripy chips,  and a dough ball.

We visited the Primary president with Dola.  I wanted you to see their only bedroom for the family of 5--behind those curtain; mats on the floor for each of them.  But they are very lucky.  They have a refrigerator that kind of works, and an indoor CR (comfort room) aka bathroom.
 A Mister and Mrs. bougainvillea, and a Mister Elder! 

Visiting a sister in the branch.  She is holding a pill bottle that contains her kidney stones they removed--4.6 cm!  Huge!

Mamma, baby, and Dola.
How's that for a perfect fit!
Interesting tree roots

We visited this sister and her granddaughter inside their sari-sari (neighborhood) store.

They had a mamma pig and her babies we had to admire.
Poor sheep in 90 plus weather.  Sure glad I don't have to wear a wool coat!
This lady was splitting her firewood with a huge machete.
The little girls were bathing at the community water pump, and having a ball!

Have tryke, will travel. 
Can he really see to drive???
To market, to market. . .
Turning corn as it dries.  If you're in a car, you just drive right over it.

We visited this family, grandma and grandpa, three grandchildren, and a neighbor girl.

This sister is a less active who has come back to church after many years being away.  She is so happy to be back, and her testimony is strong.  We met in her nipa hut, so nice to catch the breeze.
I started two new piano students last week.  They are 19 and 18, and are so excited to learn to play.  I hope we can get them keyboards and books soon.
Beautiful sunset in the Philippines-time to say good night to a fun week.  Hope all is going well for each of you.

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