Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Few Picture for Week 25

I didn't take many pictures this week, but I will share what I took.  We looked at two apartments north of us, and stopped on the way to the home of a member who makes his living carving wooden statues.  He was working on Capt. Moroni and a beautiful Nativity when we came. 

To get to his house and shop, you went down this dirt trail to a ledge overlooking a valley.
How's that for a view?  Little boys were swimming in the river below us in the buff, so no picture. 

This is the woodcarver's wife and two of his four children.  The dial carving is the liahona.
This nativity is being done in mahogany, but it is so heavy we could never bring it back.  We are very limited in our space, and will have to bring back what we do in our luggage.  He does beautiful work, though.

This is one of the less active sister that we visited at her home a few weeks ago, attending her daughter's baptism.  It was a nice service, but we were disappointed the little girls' father didn't come to it.

There was a branch activity in a member's resort, and it was so hot outdoors, I just couldn't resist.  The good thing here is all the ladies wear jeans or capris to swim, so I just put on a pair of slacks and dove in.  It was wonderful!
Sorry, but this is all the pictures for this week.  I hope to do better next week.  I've had the flu or something the past few days, so I hope it's about run its course.  Take care and God bless.

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  1. Those carvings are amazing. What beautiful work.