Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Week

We invited Elders over for dinner Monday evening.  I love to have someone share our Family Home Evening and dinner with us, and missionaries are always eager to do that.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes,  and apple crisp seemed to hit the spot.
 Elder Tung-Loong is from California and Hawaii, and Elder Mahaba is from the Philippines.

This sweet sister celebrated her 85th birthday at their family's resort with swimming pool, pancit, lumpia, and good conversation.

Elder Dinkel enjoying pancit. 

This fellow was lumbering down the road and we snapped a picture.

This one is for Craig!  Notice the name of the store!

                                                Part of the Elders in our District Meeting.

Our District President's wife and baby.  The District took the youth on a 3 day conference to a resort.  That's the way to do youth conference!  It seemed the whole three branches came and enjoyed the amenities at the youth conference!

                                                      One of three pools at the resort
We enjoyed chocolate and watermelon freezes.

                                                                          The stage.
                                                               One of the kiddie pools.

Smile big for the camera!

Maribel taught scones--her adaptation of my recipe.  She rolls the dough out in a triangle, spreads a soft cheese over it and rolls back up like for cinnamon rolls, and fries it.  Then she pours sweetened condensed milk over it and says it's masarap!  I'll have to try it!

                                       Branch members enjoying a nipa hut at the Youth Conference.

Kids coming in from a swim to get a snack of green mangoes sprinkled with vinegar, then they dip it in a fish sauce that you see--the red on the side.  They love it!

                                                             Teens in the adult pool
                                                                  One of the branch boys.
A dining area at the resort.  Besides swimming and eating, the youth had various classes throughout the day where they learned carpentry, cpr, grooming, scone making, electricity, etc. etc. One night they had a program of dancing, another a talent show, and another time they had testimony meeting.  It was a wonderful event.  Maybe next year we'll go and hang out with everyone the whole three days.

A beautiful cloud formation we saw on our way home.

I bought these tiny bananas--smaller than my fingers.  They were good, but not as good as the bananas our landlord gives us from the trees in our backyard.  Nothing is as good as they are!

Agoo Elders about to consume a halo-halo.  This is corn, beans, jello, shaved ice, rice krispies, ube ice cream, and who knows what else.

Halo-halo means stir, stir, so the first thing you do is stir all the stuff together.
Almost finished!  Elder Olsen was talking, so he's not quite done, but Elder Jacinto finished his rather quickly.

Elder wanted a picture of the vines attached to a tree outside the restaurant in Agoo.  Those are long vine roots are on the left side of the tree.

                                         Pretty church with many bells in the tower at Agoo.

This carnival ride was turning into an alley and blocking the road.  Notice the man riding on the top who lifted the wires so the ride could go under them.  That would not be my choice of jobs!
I guess that's all for this week, Folks.  We'll be in Baguio next week, so it might be two before we post pictures again.  Hope you have a great week!

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