Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week Fifty-one

Hello there.  We have a few pictures of happenings in our week.  We have less than two weeks before the next wave of missionaries come, so a lot of our doings was getting apartments ready and inspecting new ones, as usual.

We heard General Conference this weekend, so that was a wonderful experience.

Our Mission President and the Assistants were visiting various zones throughout the mission the last couple of weeks, so we didn't even see them in the office except on Saturday.  Their interviews make for long days for them, as President does a thorough job of interviewing each missionary.

                                           San Fernando Zone at District Meeting on Tuesday.  Such wonderful Elders and Sisters are in our mission.  We are so grateful for each of them, and for the amazing job they are doing.

                                       Lunch with the Fullmers at the Greek Grill this week.

                                      My rice field in full head.  Soon it should be harvested.

 Across the road from the field is rice that's been harvested and is drying on plastic on the road.  They turn it over with the rake to thoroughly dry it.
Here people were harvesting rice in another area, and having a good time also.

                                              Looks like it's a family event--rice harvest!

         We heard water running outside our window one morning, and looked out to see the neighbor girls washing off the baby who had gotten in the mud.  His mother came shortly and shooed them out of our courtyard.

We had friends from Manaoag come see us over our Conference weekend.  We took them to our favorite restaurant on the beach.

It was overcast, so there was no pretty sunset.  But there was a pretty big ship in the Sea.
      This is our friend Iris who was baptized last February.  She is now the Gospel Essentials teacher in her branch.
                                        This is our friend Dola and her daughter Karen.

                          We should look happy and full.  It was a delicious meal, as always.

                                                        At home with friends.
We enjoyed listening to General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  Such amazing and timely talks for us to contemplate.
We hope you've had a great week.  We're looking forward to the next one as we get more apartments ready for the next wave of missionaries arriving on Oct. 23.  Wish us luck!

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