Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Fifty

Fifty weeks since we entered the MTC.  What a crazy adventure we're having!
Monday we had dinner at our favorite restaurant looking out at the South China Sea.  Sorry about all the sunset pictures.  It was so beautiful, I just kept taking them.  Which is your favorite?

Tuesday we attended District Meeting with these Elders, then went to look at a couple of apartments in their area.

This apartment only has water every other day, so they collect water in a bucket to use on the "off" day.  Not good!

                  Living room of the apartment.  Bet the TV won't be there for the Elders!

This is the outside of the apartment.  In the field next to it is rice ready to harvest, then some already harvested.

This was at another apartment we looked at.  The landlady has a green thumb.  These are all orchid plants growing on this limb.
Silly Elders checking out apartments in another area.  So cute!

In one of the apartments we looked at, this man was finishing the floor with a paste, then using the coconut to polish it.  That's how they did most of the floors here when I was a girl.  But I haven't seen that until now, so it was a childhood memory revisited.  Now they either paint the floor or tile them.

Elders next to where they live.  It is a junk yard, but is being cleaned up.  The Elders like the apartment, so they think it's a thumbs up!

                                Still some junk, but. . .lots better than it was!
We actually like this apartment where the Elders currently live the best.

This apartment is vacant next to theirs.  Notice the bright colors!  Filipinos love vibrant colors!

This sister will be 73 next month.  She has been Relief Society President of her branch for 25 years--almost every since she was baptized!  How's that for an example of devotion and service!  And she's still smiling!

 We brought these Sisters a new tablecloth for their table, so I had to have a picture for Sis. Mortell's relatives!

 Sister Dial was on exchanges, so we were able to see her at the blue house.  The Sisters were all four dressed in blue!

 I made curtains for under the kitchen sink in the blue house, so Elder is hanging them.
 Saturday there were an estimated 5000 buses and jeepneys carrying people of the Iglesis Ni Cristo faith to their conference in San Juan.  It took us an hour and forty-five minutes to go 7 km--normally a 15 minute drive.
 Many got out and walked.  They were going to see their prophet on the beaches in San Juan.
 We noticed the yard flowers of this house were ones which reminded us of our neighbor Cheri in Genola.  Sorry I can't spell the name, but oh well!
 This is an Iglacio ni Cristo Church in the Philippines--started by a Filipino and very popular.  One of these huge buildings dot the landscape every few miles.  They're pretty hard to miss, they are so huge!

Well, that does it for another week.  We hope you have a great one.  Thanks for looking, and God bless!

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