Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week Seventy-one

        Here are some pictures from this week.  They are out of order, but we'll go for it anyway!
Missionaries enjoying the beach and the sunset.
Sister Balledos and me on the beach behind the mission home.

Back view of the temporary mission home.  The permanent mission home is almost done behind the mission office.  I think the Balledos will miss the beach!
                                       Brad visiting with some new Elders.
                                            February batch of missionaries for 2014.
Some of our wonderful missionaries during transfer meeting.  It will be the last time we see most of them as we'll be gone before the next transfer meeting.
                                                                          Baguio Zone STL's.
                                                        New Sister with her trainer.
My sweet Sisters.  Some of these will be gone now.  Darn!  It's so hard to leave them!!!  But others take their places, and all is good.  We'll miss them!
                                                  A Special Sister getting ready to transfer.
                                  He's going home when we do--we're part of the same batch!
                                   Another favorite batch-mate.

We had a Sister's party at our house where they learned to make tortillas, then tacos.  We were quiet and reserved, can you tell?????
                                    Missionaries getting ready to leave for their new areas.
                                       More of our dignified, reserved Sister time.
                                        Relaxing before heading out to proselyte.
These Sisters cleaned up without anyone telling them to do so.  Can I keep them around forever???
Brad found and killed another big spider.  That is a quart jar ring, but when the spider is alive it appears much bigger.  Now if he could just get rid of the rats!

Favorite Sisters who are our neighbors.  Sister Mortel has been transferred to Baguio.  Darn!  We'll miss her!
                                            Our 4 closest missionary neighbors.
                                          More sweet Sisters at transfer meeting.
Sister Latimer started to teach a group of piano students then was transferred, and I will be taking over until I leave.  What then?  Who knows!
                                                More special Sisters.
Another special Sister missionary.
                         Both these Sisters were transferred and are close neighbors.
Both these Elders were also transferred.  The one on the left was our friend in the other mission, and the one on the right has been an amazing finance Elder in the office.
These Sisters are the missionaries for the ward where we live.  They are live close to us also.
Sister Spjut was transferred to Bauang.  We will miss having her as our neighbor.
                                        Another picture of new arrivals.
New missionaries being welcomed to the Philippines.

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