Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week Seventy-three

Mom and Bob and us enjoying dinner at the Sunset Bay Restaurant.  We missed the sunset!! Darn

They brought two huge suitcases loaded with children's clothing for the poor Filipino children.
                               This was the suitcase Mom brought for herself--tiny!

We had some strange fruit to try from the market.  The back one was like honeydew, and the center one was like nothing you've ever tasted before!

                                                     Piano students.
                                 Mom with the children in the fishing village.  They loved her!

                                      We visited the sari-sari store of one of our home teaching families.
                                   RS Presidency and the children from the village.

                                We were playing "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes."

This little girl was taking great care of her little brother.  The siblings here are so sweet to one another.
                                                        Feeding the masses.
                                                 At Mines View in Baguio.

The Sisters came over to meet Mom and Bob, so we had to feed them leftovers.  They loved them!  Then they sang some songs for us.
                         A feast for when Elder Ardern was here.
We had six Elders stuffed in the back of our car.  I couldn't get all their faces in, but you can at least see parts of all six.
Neighborhood children as we went teaching with the Sister missionaries.  They follow us in droves!
A member we visited.
                                           They are sorting onions in front of his house.
                             We went down a long alley alongside the market to get back to the home.

     Visiting with a sweet lola (grandmother) with the Sisters.  Both these Sisters are from Kiddibas.
Our Young Women's President just had a new sweet baby girl that we visited.  Below are family members also.

                     Elder Dinkel is trying to be as dark as the Filipinos.  He's almost there!
                Relief Society Sisters performing Caribbean dances at the Stake RS Birthday party.

                               Sunset Bay again, this time with the sun.

                                    Some of the sweet people from Agoo 2 Branch.

                          At the beach by Pres. and Sister Balledos' house.

One last dance group.

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