Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our adventure continues. . .

We decided to visit the Filipino marketplace with Dola, Sis. Engels, Sis. Monahan, and me.

Here we are stuffed in a tricycle.  Dola rode on the other side behind the driver.  Scary!
This was our bounty.  Pretty good cache, I'd say!
                We went to a really nice restaurant, and a beautiful orchid greeted us as we entered.

The restaurant grounds were like a paradise.

This guy was at least in a cage and not roaming around the tables.

We ate in our own nipa hut.  Pretty cool!  Dinner for the two of us was about $22 including tip.  We had blue marlin, roast chicken, chop suey, rice, mango and strawberry shakes, and mushroom soup.
Dola brought me a pummello (grapefruit kind-of) from the tree at their house.  It is as big as a small watermelon or the toaster!  The individual sections are probably 9" long.

This is how we buy milk, cream, and condensed milk--in cartons that stay on the shelf until you're ready to use them.  The milk is 1 liter, which is about 1 quart, and costs just less than a dollar.  Once opened, it needs to be refrigerated.  It is imported from New Zealand.  Filipinos don't drink a lot of milk.  The local grocery store doesn't even carry this--just formula, Ensure and powdered milk.

San Jacinto Branch supporting Annabelle at her baptism.
Sister Annabelle's baptism.


  1. Oh! I love seeing all of your photos and hearing about the things you are doing and accomplishing. Such fun to "see" you there! You both look great and happy! Keep the photos and adventures coming!
    I've been thinking of you daily and praying for you both.
    Love to you,

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