Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Home in Manaoag

This is our front entry.  It's rather a charming little bungalow, especially for the Philippines.

Our front door--Welcome!
Our back yard. . .not quite like Genola!
View from the front
of the house looking towards it.
Our living room and dining room. . .
and kitchen. . .
Notice the propane stove.  We about blew up the house the first time I baked anything in the oven.  The flame went out but the gas was on full blast, but thankfully we figured things out before we lit a match the second time.  Good thing!
We are so lucky!  We have a washer!  No dryer, but. . .
Upstairs to the bedrooms.
Our luxurious bathroom--lots of storage, !?
The spacious bedroom. . .
And the quality chest of drawers.
The landlord brought these to share from the tree in the back yard.  They are amazingly sweet and yummy.  Now who can beat that??

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  1. Who gets fresh-picked bananas from their back yard? Awesome!