Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week Thirty

I didn't take many pictures this week, but here are some of what I took.

Philippine election was Monday.  You've never seen so many campaign posters everywhere!  Now it's over, I wonder how long before they take the posters down?


We checked out a cute apartment in Baguio for some lucky missionaries.

This is the view from their front door overlooking Baguio.  Gorgeous!

We visited a military family and the little girls had a pet baby bird they were playing with.  I made cereal treats with marshmallows, and they were feeding some to the baby bird.

The family had no furniture in their living room.  The children sat on a mat in front of their TV.

 Goats in the rice fields.  They are getting ready to start planting rice soon.  Some fields are being flooded now.  Soon the rainy season will start.
Puddle in the road next to tall grass.

This family was waving at me when I stepped out to take a picture of the road, and shouted for me to take their picture, too.  They are working with some reeds that they will weave into baskets.  Any way they can make a few pesos, they are eager to try.
                                                  More rice fields soon to be planted.
We did apartment checks and the missionary next to me wanted his picture taken with us.  He is going home soon.  He is from Logan, and his mother is Filipina.

The Manaoag sisters had a baptism of this 13 year old girl.
They served pancit and bread as a treat after the baptism.

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