Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week Twenty-Nine

We've had a busy week.  We started off the week by going to family home evening with one of our member's families and the sister missionaries.  The seven year old boy conducted, and he did a great job.  They had a song, scripture, lesson, and a game.  Then we ate spaghetti, lumpia,
and I brought watermelon and cake.  It was all so good, and we really enjoyed spending the evening with our friends.

Tuesday I had my Tagalog lesson, and we were going to go visiting, but Brad complained of stomach problems so we decided we'd better stay home.  He is still experiencing problems, but we hope it won't last too much longer.

Wednesday we went to zone meeting where they announced that three missionaries would be leaving, and we will get five new missionaries to our zone.  We love our missionaries and hate to see them go, but we know that is the way it is.  And we always love the new ones, too.  We're grateful to be associated with such fine young people.

Our Zone Family

                                                        Manaoag Sister Missionaries
Elder Tung-loong came out the same week we did, and this is his first transfer.  We love him and wish him well in his new area.

I invited three sisters from our branch to come to the house to make scones, tortillas, and crepes.  They had missed the demonstrations I did in Relief Society and really wanted to learn.  We had a great time and enjoyed lots of food.
We had two baptisms Saturday.  The young man in Mapandan, and the young lady in Manaoag.


These are my San Fabian students on Mother's Day.  We visited their branch, and they wanted their picture taken with me.
These little girls were riding on the pedal trike in the middle of busy, busy traffic, just having a great time.  If I were their mother, I would have had a fit, but they did just fine!
We hope you had a good week.  We got word Friday that we will be transferred to the new Baguio mission.  We were told first we wouldn't be, but then the area seventy said the President needed to send one more couple, and we were it.  We are excited, yet sad to leave our good friends in Manaoag and with my piano lessons.  But new adventures are in store, and we decided we'd go wherever the Lord wanted.
Sorry there aren't more pictures, but maybe next week.

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