Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week Forty

                On the way to Bangued, we pass a row of these trees lining the road.  They are beautiful and remind me of lilacs, kind of.
         This is how they prepare fields for planting rice.  First they flood it, then plow it with this machine.

                                                         Then they plant the seedlings.
                                                   The planters stopped to pose for me.
    A planted field.  First they make a row of seedlings, then plant a big square, then fill in the square with little seedlings.  They say it's back-breaking work.
                                        On the way to visit a family--through the jungle.
                                       New apartment in Baguio--on the bottom floor.
                                          View from the new apartment of Baguio hillside..
 We visited this widow of two weeks and her family who lives with her.  There was no furniture in the house, just pillows.
 We took several pictures of the two little children, but every time we had the flash turned on, the little girl closed her eyes.  Cute!

                                                             This was the outside of their nipa hut.

                                       At Church, everyone wanted to have their picture taken with us.
                                         Cute 2 month old baby and proud parents.
 The building where they have church in Langangilang.  This is a branch of about 40 people who meet in a home that's been converted to a chapel.

 We explored the Elder's area in the boonies with them after church.  We weren't sure we'd make it, but we did!
    Just a typical jeepney ride on the main roads in the Philippines.  Often, they are piled even higher than this!  Well, these are our pictures for the past two weeks.  I keep forgetting to take them.  But maybe next week will be better.  Take care and have a great week!

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