Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week forty-two

This is one way to be cool as you sip your Dr. Pepper! This is one of our great Office Elders--from England!  Brad is so happy!  He found a place to buy Dr. Pepper in Baguio.  They could name their price.  He bought all they had and hopes they have more when that runs out! 

 On the way to Baguio, one of the baranguays has this huge eagle sculpture.  Pretty impressive!
 A bridge from Bangued to Lagang-ilang.  There is also a similar one from Bangued to LaPaz the other way.  We will alternately visit both branches as well as Bangued every other Sunday or so.
 Torrential rain creating a flood in the street in front of our house.  We'll see if this is the beginning of a typhoon, or if it's just our everyday afternoon rain.
                             Elder Dinkel with the Zone Leaders in Baguio overlooking the city.  Pretty great men!

Our first batch of missionaries for the new Philippines Baguio Mission arrived two weeks ago. We were so glad to see them!

 Pres. and Sister Balledos had them come to their Mission Home on the beach for orientation.
The Church is renting this lovely home while the new Mission Home is being built near the Mission Office.

 The missionaries were so glad to be off the17 hour airplane trip and 7 hour bus ride, and they loved the beautiful surroundings of the Balledos' house right on the South China Sea.  Sis. Balledos says she prays for no earthquakes or tsunamis while they are so close to the ocean.

Inside the Balledos' house where we had a great meeting and dinner.
Two of 13 lovely new missionary sisters.

Us with the Balledos--a very special, sweet and loving Mission President and his lovely wife.
Thanks for looking at our blog and sharing our experiences.  We appreciate your love and support.  Have a great week!


  1. Really good to see you there in those surroundings and with some of the people you are serving.
    The mission home is so lovely - and - on the South China Sea! How cool is that! I too hope they don't have to deal with earthquakes or tsunami.
    Glad to see you are so happy!
    Love you!

  2. My daughter, Sister Kacey Miller, is in the Baguio mission. She's a very brief emailer and we haven't seen pictures yet, so I'm online looking! How is the typhoon?

    Jeanette Miller

  3. The typhoon is just lots of rain and wind--not too serious. It's good it's P-day and we can all stay inside. Sis. Miller is doing well. You have a lovely daughter and a great missionary.

  4. Thank you so much! Wow, I guess I didn't actually think I'd get a response! It's so nice to know someone has actually seen our daughter. Her last email said they were homeless, still searching for a place to live. No info came with that...she's so funny. We only get tidbits! She sure seems to love it there! If you see her, tell her to send some pictures!

  5. Typhoon over, so don't worry. Lots of rain and leaves blown off trees is all the damage we've seen. Take care. Sis. Dinkel