Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Forty-Four

Not a lot of interesting pictures this week, but a lot of the Botanical Gardens.  They were lovely, and we hope you enjoy.
                       On the way to Baguio, the usual little streams had turned into massive rivers with flooding.
                        Elders in one of our apartments goofing off. . .imagine that!

                                                         Cute missionary sisters in Baguio.

                                         More missionaries in Baguio--Zone leaders and Sisters.
                               You have the love the views from many of the apartments in Baguio.

                                   On the way to the missionaries' apartment was this beautiful little plant.
                                               Notice the jeepney loaded with cabbage.
                           At the Botanical Gardens.  They were pretty primitive, but still beautiful.

                                                                 These plants were growing in the air.

                         Okay, so young missionaries aren't the only ones who look goofy for pictures!

                                                              Beautiful, big trees. . .

                                                                        Tall stand of bamboo

 Unfortunately, this butterfly was dead and some ants were carrying it away.  But at least I got a picture of how beautiful it was!  (Because it held still for me, maybe!)

                                Some kind of a nut tree with the nuts growing on the trunk.

 They had some sad-looking animals in cages, but these herons and this monkey didn't look too bad.

These ferns were growing on top of the tree branches.
A lady was weaving baskets in a gift shop at the Gardens.
                  We enjoyed our tour of the gardens.  Hope you did, too.  See you next week!

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  1. So fun!! Thanks for the pictures, Mom! You made mw smile. :-)