Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week Sixty-four

Week Sixty-four found us preparing for transfers next week when we get 29 new missionaries and 6 going home.  We had 7 new apartments to find and furnish.  Elder Dinkel should have that done by Wednesday, the day the missionaries arrive in the mission.  Nothing like being down-to-the wire!

This is one of the apartments that Sisters will be moving into.  It is being changed from an Elders' apartment to Sisters.
The outside of that apartment.  The two apartments side by side will house 6 Sisters come Friday.
                                 Crew of Elders moving furniture.
                                              Putting together fans. . .
We had a Sisters' impromptu cooking class Friday where they learned to make scones and no-bake cookies, then we ate Navajo tacos for lunch.  Yum!  I opted not to go with Elder Dinkel to deliver furniture 3 hours away with 3 Elders in the truck.  Instead we did a girls' thing. . .great!
Our missionaries are so amazing!  These 10 Sisters live in our city.  Acually, there are 4 more that aren't in this picture also.  Plus we have 12 Elders.  They are all great young people and we enjoy them so much.

This Sister was baptized Saturday.  She is a waitress at the seashore restaurant we enjoy, and one of the Elders introduced her to the gospel.  What a great moment for her!

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