Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week Sixty-Six

Here are some pictures from this week in the beautiful Baguio Mission.

                                              Sunset Bay view.  Beautiful!
                                                                       District Meeting
       We were able to bring one of the Elders has Christmas Box from the States.  Exciting!!!

Look at the size of that box, and the size of his grin!  Hooray!!  We should have stayed to see what was in it.  That is a lot of chocolate!
                                   It took two of them to carry it!  Packages from home are the best!!!
We visited at the home of this cute baby.  This is a nipa hut--made of split bamboo.  There were chickens wandering around underneath the home, but it is very clean and cool.
                                                      Mom and baby--surprise!
                                 Lola (grandma), Mom, and baby on the floor of the nipa.
We enjoyed dinner with Sisters on Thursday.  These are amazing ladies!  Two of them have only been members for 2 years, but now they're on missions themselves.
                      No one at the church on Saturday for my bread class, and it's locked.  Oh well.
We eventually had the class with one sister from our branch, 2 missionaries, and another sister from another branch.  We had a good time anyway!

   These are Sister Missionaries from our branch in Agoo.  They both have been members for two years.  One speaks little English or Tagalog, and is pretty homesick.  She is from Kiribiti, and the other is from Fiji.
Two girls are being baptized--one the Branch President's daughter, and the other from a less active family.

President and Sister Ballegot and some of their children.
                                  President, missionaries, two baptism girls.
This is President's tryke.  He was sick today, so his son drove the family and some neighbors home from church.  There are 11 people in this tryke.  Only in the Philippines!

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  1. Thank you for getting a picture of Elder Rivera for me!