Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week Sixty-three

One of the new apartment we approved.  The inside is pretty nice, but the outside is awful.  Oh well, at this point we are desperate!  New missionaries coming next week!

                                        See what I mean about an awful outside????
Another apartment.  This is really dirty, but it will clean up and be okay for missonaries.

                   Part of our New Year's Eve Day group.  They loved potato soup and scones!
"Our girls".  The last of the missionaries who shared out holiday with us.  These Sisters live close, so we claim them as ours.  But then, I guess we claim all of them, near or far.
At the Botanical Gardens.  Iris, Chris, Jobert who is going on a mission to New Zealand in April, Karen, Dola, Michelle, Ira, Leihona, and Pope--our friends from Manaoag who came to visit us.
Elder Dinkel at the Botanical Gardens.  This poor .monkey was not a happy camper, and I was glad there were bars between us.  He gave everyone a start when he tried to attack, reaching and biting the bars.  Brought lots of screams!

                                          Some of the Girls!
This was one of the few flowers in bloom this time.  I guess this is their winter, so not many flowering plants at this time of year.
                                                   Chris, Pope, Dola, Elder and myself.
                                         Playing on the playground equipment.  Hooray for fun!
View from our favorite restaurant in the middle of the day with the tide out.  We and the Fullmers enjoyed lunch here Tuesday.  They leave the end of January, so we won't have them to be our buddies.  We'll really miss them!
That about does it for this week.  Hope you have a great week ahead.  We love you and miss you, but it won't be long now.  Take care and God bless!

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